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Thursday, June 17

Pack day for me and a great shock on Orchard Road

Nothing is too late.

via StraitTimes

If you want to join the discussion about the flood in Orchard, here you go.
Apparently, the authority is finding out what causes the flood!

I pity the cars that got submerged during the flood yesterday. It is very unusual that it rained so heavily for hours. Not only there's road closure, quite a number of shops had lose their money as their goods got soaked as well.

You had been warned that if any shops tried to repackage and sell it out!

Please do read your car insurance if it cover when there's flood. You had been reminded.

NTUC advertisement
Fantastic that Income quickly used this photo (above) as their advertisement on car insurance. Fast and furious!

My other friend, J, who was with me at the garage during servicing,
explained to me that if this sensor got into water, the car will went
bonker! And, in the next 30min, I received the flooding information! How coincidence huh?

I was shocked that when my friend, Marie, MSN me that Orchard road is flooding. I can't be bother too much as I thought it might be just ankle level. But to my surprise after reading the newspaper, it is very serious! I slap my forehead and had a kodak moment.

It was a busy day for me yesterday. I had to go service my car in the morning and I am late for 20min due to massive traffic jam. That is when the flood starting.

It was 2pm when the car is finally done.
I spent $400+ in all!
Quite major, huh?

Washing of engine is very important as it will clear off the dirt. When the initial EO had been poured out, J gave an ugly look because it was so black!
It is disgusting when the 2nd batch of EO pour out!

Oh dear... luckily I decided to wash it.

Finally, using his recommended EO.

The other things that I changed were 4 x sparkplugs (original), oil and air filter. I also requested to do wheel alignment and it is indeed not aligned at all!

Burnt sparkplug
Result of 80K mileage of sparkplug.

After changing the sparkplug and EO, the car is running very smoothly and comfortable, not to mention about that responsive as well. I had a great leisure driving indeed.

I was about to meet my ex coll at Broadcast Asia yesterday at EXPO when I met Tzang.
As I mentioned before, he is a director and I work with him for his casting photoshoot last year.

As I was walking towards the registration counter, someone who is in front of me in about 10m away, kept moving his body left and right as he is trying to get my attention. My mind went blank for a moment until I start recalling when he stood right in front of me.

Oh dear! It was Tzang! It had been a long time and it is pleasure to see him! We had a quick catch up and had lunch together before I proceed to meet my ex colls.

There's nothing much for CommunicAsia. Lack of phones, I will say. Could it due Apple iPhone win too many people, therefore there's nothing to match along? How about having Google phone in CommunicAsia next year?

I am interested in one of the product I saw yesterday. Shall I or...?

Anyway, BCA is again something I like most. TV, studio, console and lights! Well, this year, lots of Canon 5Dmk2 accessories and I saw David Foo from FilmMallOne, whom I knew him from Tzang, is holding one exhibits on that but did not catch up with him as I do not how to start the topic.

Some reason why I love the broadcasting stuff. That's my mainstream for now.

My timing is indeed packed.
It is better than in office, wondering what is the next step I should do! laugh*

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