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Wednesday, June 9

It's never just like a phone

More on iOS4 can be found here.
I am fascinated about the iOS4 after reading review.

It almost made me want to ditch my Blackberry away and get an iphone4 when it release in Singapore.
I did not say Blackberry is bad, but in terms of apps, iPhone really dominate the world.

Click on iTune store, just look at all the apps. Ain't you feel any happier?
A phone is never just a device for you to SMS, MMS and calling. Since back then, mobile phone company had been trying hard to win over consumer heart. I still remember that using MMS and having walkman phone is damn cool!

One of the biggest winning is when mobile phone allows you to use internet with touch screen function!

Right now, it is no longer just about internet connection, the looks, the build, the functions but the apps!

As there are a lot of iPhone users, companies started to do up games and interesting apps to make your life easier. Such like, banking, traffic watch, detecting of songs, e-News, applying for leave and etc. Isn't it wonderful that you can apply leave by using iPhone apps which your company did?

Samsung is trying hard to fight against iPhone by releasing lots of apps as well. I applaud to their effort and hope that they make it.

Look like it is the apps that win over consumers.

A phone is never just like a phone alone.

So, are you going to get your iOS4 soon? Guess that it will take about a month or so to hit the shore here. If not, there will be thousands over people bitching non stop in forum, blog against our 3 big Telco here.

With the new iOS4 look, don't you think it is a little similar to the old Pocket PC Phone, Eten?


via GSMarena

iPhone 4

via Engadget

Both of them are boxy, rectangle and stiff. Just that iOS4 look more elegant in terms of the material used.

iPhone 4 in White

via Engadget

Don't you think the new iPhone4 white looks just like the OLD iMac?

iMac G5s

via wikipedia

Ok, I shall wait till next May for my contract to end before getting iPhone4!
There's no point for me to pay extra $24.90 mthly for the BIS since I have literally no emails from my personal mail box!

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