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Friday, June 25

Flood appeared in Singapore again

It began to flood again in Singapore.

Drivers, if you got stuck in flood at the low risk level, keep your engine running by stepping the accelerator as not to let the water enter into your exhaust pipe. If you did, say good bye.

Driver on manual should not attempt to change gear during this time.

Genting lane

via yfrog

outside Chai Chee Technopark

via babyt from mycarforum

Look like insurance company is getting busier each and everyday. More jobs for mechanic and more cars entering scrape yard.
Drivers must be so sadden over the flood.

Ok, let's see, who is answerable for these flood today? The debris? And where will it be that cause the choke?
It seem like it is at 2 different places, Genting lane and outside Chai Chee Technopark.

Photos taken and credit from Mycarforum:

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suhaisweet said...

Very Nice dude..I ve got latest n3 too Check it out !! It's very cool, really ;D

v!vi@n said... got those photos?? the flood are high the water level..

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