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Saturday, June 26

Communic / Broadcast Asia

Nothing much for Communic Asia. I know I am late to talk about these but at least I put in some effort. I have no idea what to snap photos. Do I want to do a review for the whole event? nah.. Why make myself so stress when I have no idea. Anyway, here you go.

Some of the stuff are interesting and my fav place: Broadcast Asia.

Really, I wanted to get myself a 5Dmk2 and start some video filming for leisure. There are more things to see and do than just making it so simple. How? Wait for lottery lor...

Seriously, I have not approach and ask , or really understand this. Why a dance? What are they trying to show? I'm sorry, I am just being very curious about it.


Photography of the dancers

Interactive golf game. Like Wii? No way, for this, you got to use the club instead of the remote controller.

For this Broadcast Asia, 5Dmk2 kinda rule out for the video corner. I can see lots of equipments which is rather interesting.

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