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Wednesday, May 12

I just want to earn money from blog...

I would like to thanks Andrew Woolbert from Giganews for giving me opportunity to blog about their wonderful usenet service.

Seriously speaking, I do not know how many people are reading this blog of mine. Bear with me, I do not know how to use fanciful beautiful English words like some of the famous blogger around here. I do have limited words to use... Maybe I should look up at thesaurus more.

Let's not talk about those high-end top notch famous blogger like Xiaxue and Mr Brown.
Already famous blogger like Noel, whom is a air brush tattoo artist, is getting decent money from NuffNang monthly. I reckon...? When is my turn?

Because a lot of people read their blog and that explain!

Do you need to have any specific subject to blog?
Let's see... I say.. No! So long, it is not those bull cock shit story that make people sleep..., I believe there will be readers interested with your blog.

When lots of reader read your blog, it means profiteering! Oh yeah.... remember, there might be Ads on your blog.
That's how the bloggers earn just by typing and introducing certain things that the client wanna them to do so.
High impression is important, but apparently, I have none.

Google Ads simply did not give me any 2nd chance because of fraud click on my account previously. I had submitted the appeal for the third time but... sigh.. let's not talk about it...

But, all thanks to Giganews who have been giving me this opportunity!
If you recall I had been explaining about usenet service and Giganews is one of them and a big one tho.

What source do you want? They have it.

Oh well, you can get things like either Audio or Video stuff. Do I need to further explain anymore to be so direct? C'mom...

High speed is what everyone hope to have and Giganews can provide you that! (depending on your home internet speed as well)That also means, with the VyprVPN, no one know what the hell you are doing. Basically, it just mask over.

But, do you actually know what are the proper words that use on Giganews?
Thanks Andrew for providing me a nice template that I can use them here!

Here's the information you may want to read and understand about them.
Why, how, what and.. Oooo.....

  1. Select Your Newsreader

Your browser may not support display of this image.
A newsreader is like a web browser for Newsgroups.  It allows your computer to communicate with your Newsgroup provider.  Selecting a good newsreader is pivotal to having a good experience downloading from Newsgroups.

NewsreaderOSLanguagesSSL SupportNZB or NZB
& Headers
Search EngineAuto RepairAuto
Unison 2MacEnglishYesNZBs & HeadersYesYesYes$24.95
HogwasherMacEnglishYesNZBs & HeadersNoYesYes$49.00 buy
$25.00 Upgrade
SABnzbdMac, Windows, LinuxEnglish, French, German, Dutch, SwissYesNZBsNoYesYesFree
NNTPGrabMac, Windows, LinuxDutch, EnglishYesNZBsYesYesYesFree
Alt.BinzWindows, Linux (WINE)English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, RomanianYesNZBsYesYesYesFree (up to 0.25.0)
NewsbinWindowsEnglish, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Slovak, Spanish, SwedishYesNZBs & HeadersYesYesYes$35.00 lifetime
$25.00 with Giganews
NewsLeecherWindowsEnglishYesNZBs & HeadersYesYesYes$29.99
NiouzeFireWindowsFrench, EnglishYesNZBsYesYesYesFree
GrabItWindowsEnglishYesNZBs & HeadersYesYesYesFree
PanWindows, LinuxEnglishNoNZBs & HeadersNoNoNoFree

Since this chart can be deceptive, I will list my top picks.  

Top 3 Mac Newsreaders                                                                       Top 3 Windows Newsreaders
SABnzbd                                                                                                   Alt.Binz 
Unison 2                                                                                                     SABnzbd                                                                                                  
Hogwasher                                                                                                NiouzeFire

  1. Select your Usenet Newsgroup Provider

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Usenet ProviderRetentionConnectionsCompletionSSLFree

600 Days20-5099.9%+YesYesYes$2.99-$29.99
Power Usenet500 Days15-3099%+YesYesNo$14.99-$19.99

400 Days3099%+YesNoNo$11.99
500 Days15-3099%+YesYesNo$14.99-$19.99

200 Days6-899%+NoNoNo$9.99-$18.99

  1.   Configure Your Newsreader
Your Usenet Newsgroup provider will send an introductory email stating the available server addresses, ports, and your username/password.  It is also important to know how many connections your plan offers.  

Your browser may not support display of this image. 

  1. Search for Content

Your browser may not support display of this image.

    NZB Indexer
    Organized Categories
    650+ days
    £7 GBP lifetime VIP Upgrade
    400+ days
    $9.99 lifetime VIP Upgrade
    650+ days
    600+ days
    450+ days
    700+ days

    Newsreader Searches
  1. Download
This usually means importing an NZB into the newsreader.  You can automate this step if you select your newsreader to be the default application to open NZB files.  Otherwise, it takes a couple clicks.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

In SABnzbd, you can start your download with an NZB by 1. Clicking the Home tab,  2. Selecting Browse and finding the saved NZB file, 3. Clicking add.  

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

In Alt.Binz, 1. click the NZB icon and 2. find and double click the NZB you want to download.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Click Connect to start your download.  

Term                                                       Description
NZBsmall XML-based files that provide your newsreader with the correct path to download binaries.  NZB’s have been pivotal in simplifying Newsgroup searches.
PAR/PAR2(parity files) Par files are used to repair incomplete downloads.  Several newsreaders have integrated their use to automatically repair downloads.  Otherwise, QuickPar (Windows) and MacPAR are two good programs.
SFV(simple file verification)  SFV files can verify the integrity (completeness) of a download much faster than Par files.  However, they lack the repairing characteristics of Par’s.hkSFV (Windows) and MacSFV are two popular SFV programs.
RAR(Roshal Archive) binary downloads from Usenet are usually split into several of these common archive files.  They are often split into 15 or 50 MB segments, but they can vary in size.  Autounpack and PAR N RAR combine both PAR verification/repair with RAR unpack functions.  WinRAR is the most popular RAR extraction program. 
ISOdisc images or essentially an exact copy of what is one a disc.  Ashampoo makes a free software suite good for burning ISO’s.  WinRAR can be used for extraction.
NewsgroupsNewsgroup or Newsgroups are commonly used as synonyms for Usenet.  Newsgroups are actually individual repositories within Usenet, (E.G. alt.os.linux.ubuntu) and each group contains articles posted specifically to it.  There are well over 100,000 Newsgroups
Completionthe percentage of articles a Usenet server actually has versus how many articles that server could possibly have.
Retentionthe length of time articles are stored.  Longer retention equals more content. 
Articlesthe individual messages that comprise Usenet discussion. 
HeadersInformation contained within a newsgroup post identifying the subject of the article, the newsgroup it was posted to, its author, the date it was created, the original Usenet server the article was posted to, and the path it has taken to reach any other servers, among other things.
SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) the technology used to encrypt all of the data transmitted between a client machine and Usenet server.  SSL prevents your ISP from monitoring what you download and can thwart efforts at bandwidth throttling.
Newsreaderthe software application used to download messages from Usenet.  A newsreader is to Usenet what web browser is to the World Wide Web. 
NNTP(Network News Transfer Protocol ) the protocol used by Usenet.  NNTP is frequently used as a synonym for Usenet.  SMTP = Email, HTTP = Web, NNTP = Usenet.
Uncensored Usenet NewsgroupsUsenet is a global community of users. With the exception of moderated newsgroups, most newsgroups are uncensored and allow you to view a wide range of information from people all around the world. You're more than welcome to express your opinion on any topic related to the charter of that newsgroup.

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