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Sunday, May 2

Holiday... let's go out instead!

The irritating flu caught me over the weekend and it is really really bad.
I just want a lot of rest but I can't due to taking care of Cait. End up, I gave up and started to rest and leave her to the rest. It ain't doing any good on me as the entire flu virus just wanna me to sleep. In addition, the weather is horrifying hot!

After a cool shower, I am feeling a lot better hence asked everyone out to Jurong Point since wifey kept insisting that staying home is so boring especially on holiday. I did forced myself to go out although I prefer to stay at home and rest, but the thought of the boredom will just kill me!

Just after 30min upon reaching JP, I began to feel worse than ever! Luckily for the hot food, I am feeling better again until today! Had the horrifying Char Kway Teow at Feast@ KPT! No wonder so many people prefer to take the fried hokkien mee instead.

Wifey was craving for shou la shou food and decided to get what she feel like eating! Next, they pass her a pager device which will tell her that the food is ready for collection since we are not seating in their indoor shop of KPT.

A device to alert you that the food is ready. Quite interesting to see that for the first time.

Great concept.

Pillow is something we must get as I kept having serious bad backache. Luckily Courts is having Mega sales so without any hesitation, mom, wifey and I gotten 1 each. Hope that will cure my back issue.
Washing machine at home started to act cranky one of these days, so it is another got-to-spend-item real soon.

While trying out the pillows at home, I quickly took the pillow out from the case without realising the sticker is on my important area! Damn... It had been 'paid'! Ha! What a joke of the day!

Oh dear... 'I'm' paid? Damn it... It got there without my notice!

Damn embarrassing...

I'm planning to get some photo shoot done on the MBS and double helix next weekend! Hoping timing allow!
Now that I am recovered, I have to rush to do lot of photos that is in my drive for more than 3wks!

I just discovered that the sole of my running shoe from SAF came out! Damn it! I do not have any credits with me anymore, so I might have to SPEND the money to buy a decent running shoe! I can assure you that army sport shoe is very good! Worth it to get! But... now... you see... money from my wallet Just keep going out!

SAVE SAVE SAVE!!! let me chant into my ears....

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