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Tuesday, May 11

Back in the old days

Every man will be happy to receive their pink card despite of the color. Now, they own 2 cards, which is green and pink.

The beautiful letters O.R.D. is smiling on them indeed.

After years slogging hard in school for further studies or work, it is time to meet up the old buddies not in casual wear, but in green. A letter will be sent out to inform your duty call is from this to that date.

Way before, people started to use their phones to call out using 10cents coins or even, page their fellow buddies if they are still using it. That's how everyone get contacted and report to camp for their national duties.

Now, you see the way how technology evolves. From just a 10cents coin phone call to pager then with a mobile phone! Isn't that easier to contact rather than using a pager?

Almost everyone are using a mobile phone and that include kids!

SMS in and out.... "Hey yo... ICT coming up... let's meet up before heading to camp or what?"
That's what almost everyone are doing still.

How about now? I mean currently!

You have such a great technology to make full use of. You can even help your friends by giving them reminders!

Let's see.
We have Twitter, Facebook, Live Messenger and even WHATSAPP!

Now... who can't find each other? Unless the person deliberately wanna avoid or... maybe in the forest or mountain?

You just cannot find any excuses saying that your friend DID not inform you at all!
Anyway, SAF is so smart that they will sms and email you for reminder.

Don't worry.

BTW, I am SO looking forward to my ICT next week!

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