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Monday, April 5


Oh damn... I have some stupid issue with my mentality when I am either attending or organising a party tho. It is: draw my camera and start snapping. I do not know why I am so shy about it which I felt that I must be daring and capture anything and everything as the moment will just pass like that.

It was Cait's First Birthday and I have no idea why I did not draw my camera out and start shooting non stop on Thursday night when everyone are staying over at the chalet.

I should have capture with cousins, nephews, relatives and family... But I never.

I was lucky to have Mr Jameson (one of the hubby from mummies forum) to capture the greatest moment on that particular and meaningful day. I urged to all, if you shy like me, you are doomed. Moment just happen once and it will never repeat it.

For some mental block moment, I did not activate more people to draw their camera out! haha!!! I mean, it is good to have more, you see. I just feel so emo afterward because of my shyness. To think I am freelancing for wedding photography as well, but to personal, I am way too opposite.

Got to learn to be more active and talkative because it does help. I am so happy to know more friends as it broaden my network tho.

Maybe I should start telling people that I do take Birthday Parties Photography as well tho. Ha! This is not the first time after all. The first time was during my wedding whereby I did not ask and grab people to take group photos.

This time, I learn something about not-to-be-shy.

Yah, my Canon 5D battery started to fail again that day, so I had it charged for hours. Funny that I forgotten my LX3 is in my camera pouch! How duhz I am huh!

Last but not least, I am glad that the event is finally over and photos to be remembered of. Had my wife did not approach Jameson, I think I will curse and swear myself for life.

Now, I can finally start doing other things like: processing of photos, music productions and photo shoot!

We are glad to accomplish the mission and it is 80% perfect! The rest of 20%: lack of communication, organising, disagreement and argument.

So many parties to attend for April and it is about to end soon! Ha!

Not to forget to thanks everyone who came down to Cait Birthday Party.

Especially to my mom's elder sister's daughters and son in law who helped us out throughout, my sister and bro in law for collecting the cakes and fetching.

Greatly appreciated that my granny was there at the party, ex coll from IFP, new coll from Mercury, camp mates, wifey's coll and friends and the rest: all of the relatives.

100 over guests attending Cait's party! We were happy and touched!

p.s. oh yea.. We are lucky to have corner unit... easy to access out to DownTown East, carpark and of course, we have the approval for placing tables and chairs at the cleaner area. Yah... we almost conquered 4 units of Chalets! Can you imagine that?!

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