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Tuesday, April 20

Scribefire Beta on Google Chrome

I am excited and very happy using this new feature on Chrome by Scribefire.

Bet most bloggers should know about scribefire from Firefox. Back then, they called themselves performance. I am glad that Darrel told me about this plugin when I first started to use Firefox to start my blogging with photos from flickr. If you are fans of scribefire on Firefox, you should know the slow startup, which can be rather irritating. 
And that's why I chose Flock as my secondary choice until Flickr had changed their API which caused a lot of issue, hence I gave up using it.

Until today, while trying to install scribefire on Firefox, I read that they have scribefire on Chrome! I was so happy of course! I had been using Chrome for a long time and it is amazing that they finally had it up! Though it is Alpha testing now, but I am really looking forward to the official release! 

The entire layout is simple, clean and neat. Rather straight forward and it seem like I am using wordpress tho!

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