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Saturday, April 17

Oh... what a good service.... *ya.. right...*

Here, this is what we faced when booking for a tour to Genting during May period.

Almost the whole family is going up to have fun but with such so-called-good-service from the big company of W*S, I think they need to reflect their sale service.

This is a beautiful FEEDBACK to them on their Facebook, which, there is no reply at all.

It seem quite impossible to reach any feedback channel/management department from your website, branches or through the phone and from the last posting date of 1st March, I really wonder if your company is as sincere in receiving customers' genuine feedback as promised?

I experienced atrocious service at the Lot 1 branch of WTS over a seemingly simple and small issue. I have previously booked and paid for a family getaway to Genting for 14pax. I wanted to add 4 more coach tickets and all other travel details were identical. We will all board the coach at the same pickup point and at the same time.

Such a simple request had me making multiple trips to your branch. I called and stated my intent to add 4 more coach tickets and your staff said it was fine, just have to go and make payment. I went that evening and that staff was away so another staff informed it was likely we will not be on the same coach. It was a family trip and we had 18pax who each paid $20 extra to be on the platinum coach, so it irked me to hear that no reassurance was made for the family to be on the same coach.

Upon advise from that staff, he said to cancel my previous 14pax booking if i insist the 18 pax be together, and edit the previous invoice to 18pax. He had only offered that suggestion after 20min of discussion, with other staff standing around watching us talk and no one offer any help/solution. After agreeing to amend the previous invoice to 18pax, he said he is unable to do it as I will have to find the first staff who served me, because he needed to login with his personal password to your company system and he was away, so I had to go back another day!

I did go back the next day and the staff had just stepped out for lunch and I was told to wait 40min! Another point for WTS to consider their customer service standards, there were 2 more staff in the shop but no one was willing to serve? That was my whole lunch break gone to waste. When I feedback to Agnes (who is supposedly the in-charge) of the unhappiness in poor service standards, she contributed further to the distress I faced. Upon asking for a higher management at the HQ whom I can speak to, she did not offer assistance and I pointed that what if I had listen to their horrible advise and cancelled the 14 pax and could not secure the trip and she said there's nothing they can so since I was the one who booked on 2 separate occasions. We are adding more people and your company is charging us $115 per pax just for coach alone and I could not believe the words coming out of her mouth. When I asked about cancellation policy she said I can go ahead, just forfeit the money and after that she walked off when other staff were back from their meal break.

Next, the original staff who served me came back from lunch and he did apologise for the inconveniences I faced and told me it was not advisable to cancel my previous order and add a new 18pax as once he cancelled, other agents may grab from the system. He said just needed to issue a new invoice with the 4 additional pax and make a cross reference in the remarks that we REQUEST to be on the same coach.

Thanks to Henry who made the stressful situation better and offering to personally note the coach seating arrangement and told me to call him the day before departure to make sure our whole family can be on the same coach.

Such a simple matter could have me visit the shop 4 times and it still leaves a bitter after taste.

If your company is as committed to improving your services and making it a good travel experience for your customers, I'll suggest you start by improving on your customer service in order not to encounter a bad experience from the start. I do hope to hear from you on your company's take on this matter and that you will not set up facebook group for feedback yet hide/sweep matter under the carpet.

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