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Thursday, April 29

New look

If you notice some disturbing and irritating look on my blog, I apologize. This is because I am messing around with the placement and some coding which I had been pulling my hair since 3hrs ago.

I am glad that the new look seem more refreshing and easy to navigate. On top right, you noticed some icons, this allow you to clicked on it and view the network I am in. 
The down side of this blog is that, the skin seem to load quite slow. Bear with me tho. 

Reason for changing the skin is because of some irritating issue, like having my sidebar been push down and all the buttons dot seem stretched! At least for this, everything is pretty straight forward.
I hope you like it as I do.

Nevertheless, I have finished my IPT 7th training today (stating on Wednesday instead)! I will be having my IPPT test on one of the Saturday pretty soon. At last, I have cleared the IPPT for this year window.
I did improve my stamina tho! Of course I am happy, but I can't seem run non stop at 2nd round. 

Man, I have too many things to do. 
1. Processing of photos for my friend, Rick, whom asked me to shoot for polish girls at his workshop last Sunday. Thanks June for helping me out!
2. Do a new blog skin for Ongies. I am renaming it to Ongies Parenting
3. Photo shoot on some jewellery
4. Meet up a guy and stylist for discussion of shoot.

Well, well... let's see if I can finish that! I cannot believe it is May and there's no photography portfolio up! How disappointing.

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