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Thursday, April 22

Just feel like blogging now

I know it is really late now... but as I am waiting for my phone to get the installation done, I decided to do some boring and no idea what to blog now.

IPT is great except for today. We were asked to run 3 x 800m but I only completed the first run and from second round, not even a quarter, I decided to give up. I got the urge to carry on running as the hype is there, but when I started to jog, I see the whole view as if it is falling from left to right and vice versa. Hence, stopped and start walking with my bro-in-law.

To keep fit and pass your IPPT is a... must or maybe not, just clear will do. If you intend to train up, do not get yourself strained and watch your heart. That is one reason, I have to stop carrying on running. It can be scary if I continue.

3 more training!

Yes, 3 more training days before I can go for my IPPT on Saturday morning and that is finally can call it a year of IPPT clearance! I shall enjoy watching the rest doing IPPT during in-camp training this year on 17th May. I am excited, of course, to meet the rest of the gangs and attending the most of the guys that hatred. 
A pity that quite a number of NS active guys had ORD since last Dec and early this year, and the remaining will be limited. Time to snook and disturb them, being a lao jiao  now.


Oh yea, ex OC of my unit had finished his contract with SAF, and he is now on his own doing other stuff. Sadist.... all of us witness the most exciting part during the EX last year. 
All the best, (NS) Captain Low.

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