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Tuesday, April 13

Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset

Finally, I can see myself resting on Saturday!

We had been so busy recently due to all the April babies birthday parties! Imagine 3 consecutive weeks attending the parties? It does make one so shag out tho. But nevertheless, it is enjoyable and fun!

Now, I can sit down, relax, blog and do some stuff that I like. Time to get my ass on photography which had been put aside 2 months back.

I try not to believe so much on the po cai for Monkey this year. But it can be so accurate at times till I am speechless! Last Friday, I thought I lost my Jabra BlueTooth thus searching high and low for it. From office to car, living room to bedroom and dining hall; no sign of the BT at all.

As sometimes, there's phone call that I have to answer in the car, it is a must to have it. Furthermore, Blackberry phone tend to have high radiation, and I do feel a little giddy after talking for more than 5min without using the Bluetooth.

Searching on Jabra website, I come across this new BT piece call EXTREME.

Looking slink and stylish, I decided to look around if there's any of it selling in Singapore.
So, on Saturday, I decided to drop by at Challenger, Funan before heading to a birthday party at Bukit Timah.

Without any hesitation, I bought that BT immediately despite it cost me $130.

The reason being is because of the noise cancellation function. This is very important to me as sometimes I do have difficulties in hearing and always at outdoor when phone calls come.

You should look at this Jabra Extreme for more information.

The titanium made is so classy and lovely.

However, during at night while trying to move my keyboard aside, I felt that there's something near my finger and I quickly grab it and look it right before my eyes...!

Yeah, I found my BlueTooth!

But oh no! I bought the new one!

Well, as I thought, maybe I can pass either one to my wife since she does not hold any BlueTooth at all.

Though I spent but it does worth any penny! So I shall not grumble since I had paid for it. At the same time, I also bought one i-Tech BT for my dad as my daughter kinda pull his BT always and made the wire come loose!

Here's some of the photos about Jabra Extreme

Jabra Extreme! Finally gotten it when I realised I lost my BT at home!

Package included

Eargel and hook

Car charger with USB plug.. Good idea!

Mini USB to plug in with the BT!

From the holder

Jabra Extreme, Titanium

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