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Thursday, April 15

Great and tasty western food

It is nice to meet my ex schoolmate at IMM last week while having lunch with my coll. He also urged us to pay a visit to his stall located at West Coast Road as he is selling western food. How ironic to eat with a chef in western food restaurant in IMM.

Not to disappoint him, half of us went down to his stall on Monday! Thanks June, William, Jo, Jien and Yan Fen supporting my friend, Brian, stall.

This old pal of mine, was a naughty boy during school time, and I really mean it. He is! After years gone by, everyone changed and so does him, becoming more polite, gentleman, and handsome. His cooking skill is remarkably high as he won some sort of prize at the position of silver in whole Singapore. He also further went on for another global competition and gotten quite a good position. I can't remember tho.

There will be new menu coming out end of this month as told by him. Restaurant standard but affordable price. What's more to grumble about, right?

Jien and I kinda dislike pumpkin soup until we had our first taste of it which are complimentary from Brian. Thanks for the 3 FOC soup, tho.

Stall name: Le Gourment
Address: Blk 516, West Coast Drive
Le Gourment
Le Gourment @ Blk 516. Nice and tasty Western Food

And the food that we ordered:

Nice pumpkin soup! I used to hate it until I tried this !

Cheezy Chicken

Teriyaki Fish

Teriyaki Fish

Yummy Garlic Bread... Love it so much!

Take and go!

Hawaiian Smoked Chicken

Hawaiian Smoked Chicken

Hawaiian Smoked Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken with Sunny Egg

Food is marvelous! You should try it if you are around West Coast or Clementi!

Hope ya business grow bigger in future!

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mr. pineapple man said...

wow all the chickens look very good!

Boon said...

Yes, mr. pineapple man. They are delicious. Not because the chef is my friend, but they are really tasty. Yummy!

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