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Thursday, April 29

Dock for Mac! Awesome!

via cNet Asia

All Hails!!! Quick! You have to!!! Only IF you are a true Mac lover. *kidding*
Presenting you ...

Henge Dock

We used to have HDD dock whereby we can have the data, movies, songs and another other information on any PC, anywhere.
But this time,Henge Dockshow you the power of Mac Dock.

What can you use for?


Not a lot of people like the small screen of 13.3", so they have a DVI output to the LCD TV or a bigger screen for doing works, photoshop, movies or just plain surfing net. It's just seem cool having the wide big screen in front of you when playing any facebook games.

Just like me, the marvelous book game is Social City that I have been hooked for weeks.Yah yah... I mentioned before of not playing any facebook games again... but well.... sometime... and....

Oh dear.. I think it is getting out of topic! Ha!Ok, so for this... Dock.

Apparently, all you need is the dock from Henge Dock. Place your Macbook upright and put it down into the slot. This is what you need to do only.

All cables will go under the dock and have the head expose so that your Macbook and the jacks will match properly.
You can even select what cables you need! Customise it!

Isn't that cool?

Henge Docks MacBook Docking Station.
Henge Docks MacBook Docking Station used in as a Desktop Workstation.
Henge Docks MacBook Docking Station used in a part of a Home Theater System.
via Henge Dock

Watch the video and you understand even more!

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