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Tuesday, April 6

Better be later than never

I know it is a bit too late... but nevertheless, I do make some effort to put up images, ok?

So, after Cait's Birthday celebration, everyone tend to tame down and regain their strength and energy.

Right now, I decided to put up some images which I have not done so since days before.

This is about 2 Sundays before:

It is late noon and my relatives along with my family head up to Lim Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery. My Ah Gong, my mom's dad, is resting peacefully just down the next path. Many of us love to make jokes like, they are neighbours and they can say hi to each other!

This time, we came to ask grandma if she willing to migrate to a better place.

The place will be at Seu Teck Seah Tong, Toa Payoh. My grandfather (Father side) stay there after cremation; their sons and daughters wanted them to stay close to each other which is one reason why.

Another reason is, if government is going to start digging and clear the area where my grandma is resting, it will be 7 years later and most of my relatives will be very old by then. Who is going or have the energy to do all this? So, everyone decided to get it done this year.

Digging of grave is not an easy task at all.
By government, the diggers will have to do it in broad daylight, but of course, with the shelter covering up.
And if we chose not to let government to do it, we have to ask the expert to do these, but you have to wait accordingly in queues. Currently as heard, it will be around Sept - Oct.

They have to get quite a number dates from the expert first, then approach the temple helpers to find which date is auspicious after checking the eight characters of the family members.

This is a serious situation. No family member whose eight character crash on that day are allow to be at the scene when they start digging. This is to prevent bad luck fall on them. Digging can only start at 3am, so it will be a long day tho.

Thanks to Su Li Su Qu featured on Channel 8 previously, so I get to understand how they do it.

Here's some photos:

Off to Lim Chu Kang to pray Grandma

This might be the last time everyone heading up to LCK to pray to grand ma

Preparing of the food and offering

As usual, you have to put these on the tomb.

Joss sticks and candles


Lining up the offering properly

Praying to Di Zhu Gong first.

All the aunts making some patterns for the offering paper

Getting hands of it

While some are doing the offering, the rest move around and have some chit chat session

Cait praying to her Great Grand Ma

She must be wondering what is going on? Why is she at the same place again

Grand ma must be happy tho

The rest of the relative will pray to Grand ma

Letting 'her enjoy' the food

1 last look for 2010 Qing Ming. Everyone decided to move her to a proper place where grandpa is located at.

The offering

Start burning

Kai Lu Qian
This is the proper way to do it by throwing it up right

It is too hot... so everyone must stand one side

Beautiful sunny day

Packing up the food and prepare to head off

The surrounding...

Place where grandma rest since 1969 (Guess so)

The remains of burning of offering.

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