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Tuesday, March 2

Unhappy with the management

It is rather piss to hear from a company stating that they do not know when they are going to release the date for booking of chalet.

Both wifey and I are planning for Cait birthday, but we are unable to book it in the East area as stated from the site. The dates halt there for days, weeks until March and we are still not able to book it.

Cait birthday is reaching and location is not yet confirm.

Wifey decided to call them up only to found out that they are not sure when the management will open up the date. After further questioning, the girl reveal that the chalet might go under some renovation which also, again, no idea when it take place and end.

This is so inconvenience! If they are going to do some renovation, shouldn't they state on their website about this situation rather than having potential customer wanting to book it.

After this case, we decided to ditch off the idea of booking the chalet in the east side facing the sea!

More information will be given in The-Ongies blog.

Just ranting... bitching abt this situation!

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