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Monday, March 29

Photos and my RANT!

Part of the photos I took recently over weekend when heading down to kid's Birthday Parties.

Beautiful Quartz Condo!

While on my way home, I find this moment so beautiful, hence decided to take a quick snap on it

I have not been snapping so frequently due to my new job and also, what make me wanna process more, edit with care and playing around is because of LightRoom3 Beta2!

You should have know about the LR3 Beta 2 recently had been release for downloading. I did watch the video tutorial as to find out the major changes from Beta.
I have not even start watching LR 2 video after all, but I am planning to do so soon.

LR 3 Beta 2 is definitely a breeze to most photographer when doing simple and easy editing of photos. More enhancing? Ps is for you. Don't blink! CS5 is gonna be out real soon, you know? I watched the preview and I was fascinated about the new tools! Repair, editing and cloning is surely brainless in future! It's true! Imagine having the Ps to work for you rather than doing the cloning on your own and as a result, getting bad cloning. Computer is smart huh? Sorry, the inventor of this tool is smarter!

With LR3 Beta2 enhance the luminance tool under noise, it does make me smile wide open! The reduce of noise is so intelligent until I can't stop saying, OH MAN THIS IS DAMN COOL!

Of course, reducing the hatred noise you seen on the photo is generally wonderful, but you must beware on how you reduce. I do love to give back some noise, add a bit of grain and with the vignetting, the result is totally awesome. Not to forget, I import to Ps for further enhancement as well.

I am looking forward for the release in future and hope it will not cost too much.
I am wondering if I can upgrade to CS5 to original package from student edition tho...

Do not be too rash
At least I know what is going on than kept thinking the reason when my mind is free.

With the moment of being too rash and not able to think of the consequences, this person ought to get some wake-up call. There's always this saying:"Do you apologize when you kill someone?"
How do one's expect to accept the apology when it is already so hurting with disappointment. With more apologising, it only make both parties even hard to face it.

Both might be wrong initially, but with proper communication, I do not see why such thing can cause such a big hoo-haa. Always believe in talk-it-out than resort some tricks that might harm someone. This scenario is not base on someone, but to all. That's why sometime I do not like to assume on certain things, because this is your own thinking, not mine, right?

History had been written and it belong to the past. Now and later on is the future. So, forget about it and move on. No one need to apologise at all, just that, you know what you need is kinda wrong tho.

I live happily and contented as well. Nothing much I can ask for.

Yes, work ethic is important, but some of the people are in the same shoe as I were previously. So-far-so-good, huh?
But, what happened when someone ran away and start to make some stupid remarks? Isn't that being very unprofessional?

She ran away without turning up at work even though she still have contract on hand.
She planned weeks beforehand until everyone got a shock of their life.
She started some stupid remarks about the place and make her client to feel that so.
She claimed she was not treated well enough when she have NICE colleagues.
She make the whole schedule so tight until the replacement hardly have time to breathe.
After she MIA from everywhere, she started to pull her contacts to her own area.
She spread rumors that is not 100% true.
She disappoint her wonderful coll whom treat her way too nice until they have phobia.

So, I ask if this professional?
By pulling your own contacts are normal, but with spreading things that is untruth, I bet this person need to wake up.

You cried for help and there are people willing to help, but you suddenly turn your body back against them? This is too ridiculous and outrageous!

I always believe in Karma. If you think you are professional in any sense, I guess that you need to look at your own moral first. IMHO, YOU have NONE.

You made people been scolded for nothing when it is not their fault at all. Now, you are enjoying and think everything will be smooth? Damn... You are way too selfish, coward and useless. BTW, you do not deserve any respect to be in THAT line!

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