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Friday, March 12

I love giving some reviews... if I can

I love to give reviews, but because of my bad command in English, I am unable to do so. Ha!

Anyway, something that I would like to share is Wii! Yah, you know it. I have my Wii for quite some times and seriously, I do not have time to take it out to play as taking care of my dearest girl is more important. Ok... I admit most of the time are my mom and wifey who take care of her... Although I spend most of the time in the room surfing net and checking up on new stuff, but I still do not turn up my Wii and have a good time!

I, again admit that, addicting is the answer.

So, not just talking about the games on Wii, how about doing more exercise huh? I did put on lots of weights and it is time to lose some of them when I get my ass to IPT next month. If you have room for your Wii session, I will say, why not try this stuff out then?

Awesome? Yes, I do feel it too!

All you need to do is to turn on the Wii, load the game and follow throughout. You will find it boring if you do it alone, or maybe with your favourite mp3 tunes to perk you up.

Take a look at the video below about this Push Up Bar for Wii. It will help to prevent your wrist being pressured too much.

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