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Monday, March 8


Launched the program on Firefox, staring blankly on the white board, mind is not working well... I can see I lost of words...

I feel so tired since last week and it seem like I'm doing OT daily... Friday... Saturday and Today. Nope, I am not complaining. Just that there are really too many things to do now and time is getting lesser! Ok, I should say that I make full use of it wisely.

I cannot believe that we have so many things going on lately. For instance, this week we have Jiak Tok at Punggol, (Chinese Temple Occasion) on Friday night, and for Saturday we have to go to cake confectionery to select the cake, cooked food and BBQ items.  We also have to attend Birthday party in the morning and a wedding dinner next weekend, I also have to meet model for discussion on theme photoshoot.

Not to forget, photo shoot for Cait profile pic which I will be doing this week.

Oh yeah... Qing Ming Festival!

Lastly, Cait B'day!

I really wanna collapse with all the busy schedule. I must take care of my health and rest more if I can. Thanks to IPT, I will be reporting to Maju Camp on 14th April, but this time, I will be alone as my friends are not able to book due to some funny reason. Hoping they can join me after talking to the PTI in FCC via phone call.

Really need help!!! I'm so dead tired..........

I hoped that there's no MORE OT from tomorrow onwards.... at least for this week, please....

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