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Monday, March 22

Blackberry data conclusion

There are a lot of confusion due to Blackberry User especially from Singtel carrier.

Let's not talk about both M1 and Starhub telcos as their BIS plan max capped at $30+, which means that the max you are paying for even you use it 24hrs 7 days a week.

As for ST user, there are few plans you have to look at it properly.

BBoM = Broadband on Mobile
BIS = Blackberry Internet Services

In order to be safe while using the data plans, it is better for you to get BB Flexi Plan at $48. This include 12Gb or BBoM and 3Gb BIS.

If you have 3G Flexi plan (which is also BBoM) and BIS (1Gb or 3Gb), it is still consider safe unless you are using BIS only. But, your APN must remain empty as it is default. If you are using unlimited BIS, you are also in safe zone.

By chance, if you have set your APN to Internet or e-Ideas, you will incur extra data charges if you did not subscribe for BBoM.

There are no different between both Internet and E-Ideas at all. Just that, E-Ideas allow you to get information like 4D. Sorry, I have no idea how to get that but your BB Browser home page will load as E-Ideas at the start.

1GB BIS have some restriction as it will block you from using the apps, like Facebook, WLM, BB Browser and Apps World.

If you want to make full use of your 12Gb BBoM, you can go setting and use as Internet or E-Ideas. BB Browser, streaming of radio allow you to do that.

Username: 65IDEAS
Password: IDEAS

Remember, if you are on BBoM / 3G Flexi only, you will not incur extra data charges from BIS as it need to get activated first.

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