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Wednesday, February 24

Off to Boss house for the first time!

Everyone was invited to boss house last night after work for a dinner cum Loh Hei session. Sorry, as I was participating in that session, I didn't capture any of them. I am quite (too) shy to take my camera out as well. Bad huh?

Nevertheless, I feel comfortable with the rest of the colleagues from last night. Simple chat and jokes indeed make the communication even better.

There are only 2 who are not able to make it for the dinner, so it is quite a pity tho.

This gonna be the first time I go up to boss house tho. Apart from colleagues's house , do you think you will go up to boss residence if he never invite? Well, the feeling is comfortable and interesting. I truly enjoy myself tho.

After dinner, time to sit down and chit chat

Lovely abstract looking

Boy so engrossed to the game!

Relaxing is the best...

TV Time!

Old condo with one going up and down!

Having fun

William is making some crappy jokes (again)

William trying to bully the kid?

I was laughing while taking this pic... so dun mind me.

Trying hard to endure my laughing while capturing this..

And this is a hard evidence!

Hahaha Big bully smiling to the cammy...

It was about 10pm when we leave the house, which had been predicted by Jien... *Salute*

2 knocking by:

Jien said...

Hehe.. I'm Pro, you want me to give you 4 lucky numbers to buy lottery?

Btw, I just knew that you have your own blog.. nice one.. ;P

Boon said...

damn... I didn't know there's comments... LOL

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