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Thursday, February 18

Now a Desire?

Wow, you seriously need to say wow non stop this year. There are really too many things releasing tho. The pad had been one of the most discussed topics recently and now HP is also coming out their own iiView VPad.

Photos by engadget

Really, sometime it is better to drop by to Engadget
and say hello. They have a lot of interesting article about technologies which you might like it a lot.

So, now they gonna have HTC Desire?

Photos by engadget

Look almost the same as HTC Nexus One huh?

So, do you like your Nexus One after looking at Desire? Yeah, it seem like everyone will heartache after seeing this. But really, there's no much different from it's internal organ, so do not worry, ok?

I am still happy with my BlackBerry Bold II. The qwerty keyboard is really lovely and typing of message is pretty fast than having the touch screen. Nah, I am not condemning touch screen tho, it is my own preference.

There are some apps that I cannot download because of the plan I am holding on. BlackBerry World Apps consists quite a lot of interesting apps which I wanted it badly. If I use up my 1GB, I shall look at 3Gb BIS soon. Another forum poster mentioned that he use his relative sim card to download the apps on his phone who have access to BB World Apps.

No one in my office seem to use BlackBerry!!!

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