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Saturday, February 13

Not a happy ending after all

Before I start some bitching, ranting and whatever... I shall show you some pics I took before my last day of work. While....I am still in the happy mood until....

All these years, I have gone to BCA.

My stack of name cards not used at all. What can I do? Rough paper to use? Bad huh?

Recycle, here I come.

My post:
Junior Audio Assistant - WTF
Assistant Audio Producer
Audio Producer

Look at the years...

Gifts for my coll... nice?

Pretty right?

Blackboard clip to indicate the names

Lovely huh?

And the sad story begins....

I'm quite speechless right now after I realised something about this company. It led to a real disappointment.

What I'm saying here might even hit you, but I felt that it is always good to pour out and let the other people know.

I know my leaving from current company is on the eve of the CNY eve, but I am seriously quite sad that some of my best pal/coll went on leave. There's nothing I can do also because everyone need to go home and do some spring cleaning. Well, it is quite pity initially until I realise more things.

I had tendered my resignation last month on the 15th, which means my last day is on the 16th Feb. But due to CNY period and 16th Feb is holiday, my last day of work is 12th Feb, Friday (which is yesterday)

During this period of time, I see no movement from any coll to organise my farewell party. I am neither upset nor hurt, but more on disappointment. I seriously cannot believe that it turn out this way. I am not trying to compare or to say how badly I wanted the party. For goodness sake, I worked for 6 years and this is what I deserved with no actual farewell party organised by the company?

To think that my department threw a small farewell makan session by surprise. I kinda know who actually organised it as she is the only one who will care for other people feeling.

Sorry, I felt that if someone is leaving, it is better and nicer for us to approach the person first rather than the person approach us by saying good bye. I am not trying to be calculative but the proper way.

To be frank, I am always the one who approach the person, making jokes and taking photos. Now, when it come to me, who is leaving the company, I get nothing at all. Damn disappointed or not?

I really cannot believe that my boss actually mistook my last day of work. She took I am still around after CNY tho. I do know she is very busy recently, but I was wondering why and how come no one actually reminded her? I can assure you that my other coll, whom I do not want to say, told me that she cannot believe that my farewell party is not organise at all and no one inform the boss about it.

How amazing this is how I spend my last day at work. To think my wife and I prepared the gifts to everyone in the office but yet, the returns and outcome is not as I expected. I even prepared my speech to everyone but guess that it gone down to waste. How ridiculous.

But anyway, I do received an envelop containing X numbers of voucher from some of the coll. While I do appreciate that, but the whole feeling and atmosphere sure sucks big time.

Whoever is reading it now, if you are me, what kinda reaction will you give and express? I can tell you, IT FUCKING SUCKS!!! 

Reflecting back to my ex coll and interns (about 8 ex colls and 5 interns), they do have a proper and nice farewell makan session and gathering... totally disappointed and realised how unimportant I am. Anyone in this type of situation will know my feeling and thought. That's why I'm speechless when I decided to blog it out.

Any hoo, I felt that I grown up a lot from this situation. No wonder this year (Tiger Year) for Monkey will grow more mature; beside that, also for my new job and responsibilities. After blogging this before CNY, it will be in history and a day I will never forget for life.

Someone asked me a question and I was surprised that both A and B felt the same way as well, thought there will be something else for me. But yet, it's a no-no. Sorry, I do not want to reveal it out. It shall remains as secret, but all I can say is that I am not the greedy type. I am just someone who want others to appreciate me, doing work and fun + laughter. Well, it turn out negative.

Boo... to the past.

Now, welcome the Tiger Year, everything will be cool, great and interesting!

All my items had been lelong in office because some of them wanted this and that. At the very last min, I took some pic to remember as memory.

As I said before, luckily I took lot of photos when our intern finished their term. But seriously speaking, I am way too disappointed till I wouldn't want to take my camera out and start snapping with the rest of the people. Personally, it end up with no happy ending after all.

Things I had returned.

Cabinet key
Carpark label
Pass card

Gd bye my desk... see you... taken before I make a move
CPU and Monitor been booked by other coll.

My lovely audio place

Great buddy, Alex

Wup? Dude!

Ahead = studio

Ahead to CD racks

One of my first task in IFP during 2003 - build the CD rack!

It's only when I left the company, I have the feeling that I should not lost contacts to them. It made me wanna meet them up for casual makan and coffee often.

So long, peepz! That's all I can say for now and it's a sad history after all. May you guys have a good working time together and thanks to my close colls as well. Thanks Mag for doing the hand written card at the very last min and present.

Cheers to all and Happy Chinese Tiger New Year.
Huat ah!

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