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Thursday, February 4

Lovely lovely lovely!

Google Chrome Extension
I really love the extension on Google Chrome!

Installation is fast, lite and easy. After using the extension, I felt that it is almost perfect using the browser. If they can add in one more thing... blog plugin! Just like Scribefire tho, at least I can do my wonderful blogging, but using Firefox3 will take lots of memory.

And also... my shoe!
My CNY shoe! I have been hoping to get a adidas shoe since back then and now I finally fulfill my wish. Haha

Not bad, Adidas include the stripe for me to change as and when I want. Buying a sport shoe is better due to the comfortable cushion for my heel, but it does not look good to work with sport shoe, so after millions of thought, this street shoes will be the one I will wear. For sport shoe, do not worry! There's always another sponsor by MINDEF!

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