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Wednesday, February 17

Jaws Drop

Thanks those who dropped me msg today about my first day of work.

Appreciated and seriously, I am very grateful as well. Colls are nice and finally I get to start working out some stuff today after the guru Damien taught me so much. Thanks Sam who guided me throughout, it is neither easy nor difficult, just need to take a lot of attention.

Rather shocked to see the reply from my ex company, whom I do not intend to tell you who and what had been written. It is rather short and no feeling at all. After reading the email, I have no feeling at all and it is rather numb tho. Shown to other people, they had the same reaction as I do. I mean, what can I say and do? It is history now and shall be burial to the muddy ground.

A brand new day with the brand new year for 2010. I, as Monkey (Chinese Zodiac Sign), must be careful in anyway. This year, we 'chiong' Tai Sui, which means, the path ahead is rather hard to move on, we just need to look at things properly. Monkey is well known of being mischievous, so we have to hold back totally as not to offend anyone. So remember Monkeys, we had been warned! Wonderful returns will appear during 2nd half of the year, ok?!

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