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Friday, February 12

Hide it if you can!

It make me wonder what does VyprVPN stand for. Anyone?

It had been months since I last talk about usenet, right? I would like to thank those who drop me an email regarding to this. I really appreciate for the trial given to me and of course, my job is to blog about the services, speed and stability.

Do google around about usenet, especially on Giganews, one of the largest Tier 1 Usenet provider. Today, I am not talking about how you should use it to get your stuff but on protection.

Entering to Giganews, you see a lot of plans with and without SSL, but should you take?

Answer: Yes.

SSL is just a protection of your username and password when you logon to the usenet server.

Here's some of the info:

Encrypted Usenet access primarily helps to protect your username and password, which traditionally was transferred as clear text. This is an especially sensitive concern for users of open networks like wifi and cable broadband networks. Encrypted Usenet access also allows you to protect your privacy by helping to secure your data with 256 Bit SSL, the same security standard used for services like online banking. Encrypted Usenet access creates a secure "tunnel", which allows you to encrypt all data sent between Giganews and your computer.

Remember, only Diamond plan allow you to have SSL for free.

No, this is not the end tho.

By having the your p/w and username protected does not means you are safe. Rem, the big bro/ sis will be watching you. So, who is it other than the hacker?

Alright, if you guess it correctly, yes... ISP. They can monitor your every step tho. Of course, that's how they manage to 'catch' people doing illegal things. Don't quote me as I am just stating as generic. I'm not really IT trained, so this piece of information merely just the sharing stage.

Now, what you need is VyprVPN!

Do not worry, by having Giganews Diamond Plan, everything is free for you! Plan at USD29.99 is now US14.99 (after 50% discount for first month service) and it is a great opportunity not to be miss.

BTW, will you provide 50% for 2months? *Laugh*

Back on tack with VyprVPN

I'm not really good on writing so please bear with me. I can only paraphrase on my own understanding to make things easier for me.

VyprVPN is a new, advanced line of defense against online privacy invasions. VyprVPN provides a solid layer of privacy protection unavailable with traditional Internet security software.

Get it?


Nevermind... Here's the image for you to understand.

Without VyprVPN, your data is open and available to ISP, neighborhood, and wireless eavesdroppers. Anyone can see what you are doing on the Internet.

With VyprVPN, your data is fully encrypted and secured to our VPN servers, and your online identity is protected. You are free to use your connection without limits.

Which means, right after you sign in to your program: Grabit, Alt.Binz etc, it will link to VyprVPN servers, tagged with VyprVPN IP address, and sent to its final destination on the net!

So call- after getting the SSL protection, your IP connecting to VyprVPN will now be scramble.

Sound like some sorta gaming situation huh? Upgrade your level, gotten the power and now wanna be invisible against the enemy and not allowing other people to see what you are doing.

Here's more information about them.

I cannot explain in details on how they do it or how it actually works. People like me, get the program with the plan, logon and there you go. SSL + VyprVPN = COMBO power. Isn't it? There's nothing to worry about at all. Furthermore, it is free for Diamond Plan customer.

Enjoy the privacy moment, you have fun!

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Thanks for sharing this such a great information about Vypr VPN i shared this info to my all facebook and twitter friends because this info helps to everyone

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