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Sunday, February 28

Grill changed!

Finally, I decided to change my Latio original grill to Carbon Fiber! Thanks Rick for the recommendation and PUMA from Latio forum! PUMA had this CF grill installed recently and Rick told me to drop by and take a look of it with the color of the car in storm grey. It does blend in well.

Rick kept telling me that if it is on white... it's gonna be even nicer and fierce. Wa... so stylo milo wor...

Anyway, took me 1 whole noon to think it through and decided to get it done today.

Wifey met Rick as well because she is curious about the shop and the CF I had been talking about. It is interesting that another female Latio driver, who was there with her friend, also tempted to get this CF grill after seeing mine done up nicely.

I even showed her the starring light with the grill and yes! It look damn awesome now!

If only I have the CF bonnet with the 2 holes cut, omg... that is so awesome huh? But it will cost a lot more tho. I am not ready to splurge that sum of money yet. Performance will come later part tho.

Finally changed my original grill to this beautiful carbon fiber one! Thanks to Rick, from PitstopR for letting me have it! Look quite fierce, huh?

Further look of my Latio car

Keep it simple and cool huh? Loving it SO MUCH!

Thanks RICK once again.
Price - please go to Pitstop R @ #01-111, 48 Enterprise Hub, Toh Guan Rd East

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william|chia said...

You mean East Coast? What I know is that they have changed it to a motel style kind of booking where you can just book the chalet for 2 hours or so-called transit stay just like Hotel 81.

Actually, you can try D Kranji Farm Resort if you don't mind ferrying in your guest from either Kranji or Choa Chu Kang MRT station.

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