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Thursday, February 25

Few thoughts

Sitting in the dark room after finished up some work, enjoying the cool air con blowing everywhere with my fingers feeling cold and the chill out music with woofer project out and travel to my ears are definitely great.

When it's time to work and play hard, we always have the limit set.

I truly enjoy myself here and keep on learning things everyday. It does and kinda broaden myself on the knowledge.


Rick, boss of Pitstop R, urged me to do up on performance so that the car have more power to move on. Do not worry, it is not deal with illegal stuff and I must watch out for my pocket as well. If it is good for me, I will do it.


After some clarification from some Blackberry user, I am so certain that the LCD screen on Blackberry will create some watery look when you press down either hard or soft. Fearing that after the drop of my phone caused that issue is certainly amusing as it is not a problem after all. I even thought of going down to Com Center and have the BB checked or one to one exchange.

Thanks Pearlyn telling me that BB allow 1 to 1 exchange if there's any big issue on the phone under the 2 year warranty period.

Blackberry lover here for sure!

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