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Thursday, February 11

Eve of my last day

Just realise that some of my great pals(coll) will not be in office tomorrow. It is kinda pity tho, but I do understand the reason why. Partly because of CNY is just this weekend and they have their own family commitment.

I will be lying if I'm not sad. But I should say that it is more of pity.

No doubt we still can meet up again for coffee, but the last day in office seeing them are different.

Luckily Cait birthday is coming up and I will be seeing them real soon! Information on Cait will be post on the blog real soon.

Ever since everyone know about my leaving, they urged me to bring them out of BTH Centre territory for lunch! Haha. At least I helped to fulfill their wishes during this 1 year plus stay at this Bird-Don't-Lay-Egg place.

Tomorrow, I shall take some photos; blog out my favourite and hatred corner. Memories, ok? Luckily I took lot of photos before with our past interns, so it is not pitiful if I didn't capture.

Stay tuned, ok?

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