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Wednesday, February 24

Car lights install

PitStop R
48 Enterprise Hub
Toh Guan Road East

Contact Person: Rick

I finally decided to do up my light at PitStopR, which is recommended by my friend in Latio Forum. According to him, it is better to find a shop doing these than the freelancer as they might not be free to entertain you if the LED fail or... etc.

I did PM him through the forum about the cost and such; and the next moment he added me in his MSN!

We hit off well through messaging  until one day I decided to pay him a visit at Toh Guan Rd East. Was it lucky? My new workplace is just 8min walk away from the area and it is great! Rick is a very friendly person and he teach me some stuff about Latio. From light accessories to cosmetic to performance! For now, I'll prefer the light first before I decided to do some performance upgrade.

Having a brighter headlight is terrific.
So, I decided to get halogen bulb from him, but by looking at the small light with the new headlight bulb, I felt that it does look pretty awful. Orange with with bright yellow/white is weird! So I decided to have it change to 9 bulb LED for my small light. It look terrific!

I almost have my 4th brake LED light install below the boot. It look terrific and even more safety! Quite a number of people are doing that as well, so well not drop by to PitStopR and have it install?!

Oh yeah, they also have car grooming services! I am planning to let them polish my car real soon! Beside that, they also do car insurance too. Shall approach Rick to do for me as I really have no time at all.

Headlight changed. Unable to see a big change from image tho.

Small light turn on

Headlight Halogen Bulb.

Small light on.. bluish 9 LED

Both on. Awesome!

I am glad to get the sparkling LED as well. So the area will be at the grill area. Sad to say that my left side LED is spoil and I have to make a trip down to have it change or re-cable. It is attached to the small light unit and it will activate once I turn that on during evening time.

Starry light blinking at the grill

Flashing from left to right

Pitstop R at Toh Guan Road East, 48 Enterprise Hub

Nice area, nice people to talk...

Good service and the boss, Rick is very nice

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