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Friday, January 29

So many pads topic?

Since yesterday morning, everyone had been talking about the pads. Oh, I'm sorry, it is not the sanitary pad I am referring to, but the iPad that Apple had just launched.

You do not even need to Google for the joke, answer on twitter and facebook had been flooded all around.

There are cons and pros on iPad tho. Nah, I am not a pure techy savvy so whatever I mentioned, do not stab me from the back.

This incredible pad ipad do not have camera! How to use as a phone huh?
Again, this is just a blown up size from iPhone. One apps at a time... What?! 1?
It seem like a great web browser on this iPad but, beware of the battery can last long or not.
Ok, this is just like a newspaper to me... sorry... e-newspaper...

For typing wise, damn... you have to face down and type? Acting like a DJ doing mixing on the mixer? Hmm...

Too many cons than pros, you take your pick and see if it worth the money on this pad. Sorry, iPad!
For anyone sake, do not tell me it is cheaper than a netbook! It work with one Apps at a time! Duhz!

Maybe, this is a real iPad?

Failblog never fail to brighten up my day!

photo image by failblog

New Apple iPad

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