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Thursday, January 7

Random post

Here's some update on my personal side....

Great Breakfast for our Year End '09!

Compare that magnificent lighter to my phone!

Finally the hard work and patience paid off when both my wifey and I saw this cabinet at Ikea last weekend. It is the correct size we wanted badly! At least it is neater than before! Previously, I have to use a fold-able table instead. Look like, I need a small hi-fi system huh! Or maybe a Digital Internet Radio? So I can listen to my all day/night long of Chillout/Lounge. Hohoho... But now, I am still with my loyal radio transmitter, which is analog and in mono! Ha!

My neat TV cabinet (finally)

With the cabinet done, I finally found this rack in Ikea! Cheaper and even better! Why? Look for yourself in the pic. By having this rack, you can have as many rack as possible! And furthermore, it is not bulk at all. It is 90% cheaper than getting the real rack instead. But of course, let's not talk about the design and how the SWL (safe working load). So long it is not that heavy, there you go! Great idea! Unless you wanted to have a stronger rack, Ikea do sell them.

And finally we have something to hold the bags and some others sling bag! No more bags on floor and been untidy! Hurray!

Finally a rack is installed and look neater than before!

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