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Saturday, January 16

Our anniversary gifts

Our 2nd yr anniversary is around the corner and these are we gave to each other! Step by step revealing the gifts... sweet!

The gift to her is suppose to pass or surprise her on Tuesday Morning when she wake up. I intend to have the bag place beside her when she is still sound asleep until she open her eyes. But looking at wifey is feeling a bit down and she also bought the gift for me, I decided to give it to her on that very Wednesday night before going to sleep.

Again, I put the paper bag on bed. Apparently, she did not go to the room until she is feeling tired. She was surprised to see something white on bed and quickly turn on the light and the word Coach reveal.

Though I cannot afford much for a LV or Gucci or even Burberrys, I am still happy to see her delighted look on her face. The next gift will be good and do let me save up! Ha!

Surprising anniversary bag for wifey!

Coach box

The first look!

And reveal the truth!!

A beautiful Coach bag!

Since I am a person who want a lot of things, but most of it are not really affordable, wifey intend to let me choose without been surprised. Anyway, she did surprised me by buying a Ring Flash but I insisted to pay for myself as it is what I wanted for my own and preferred to come out from my wallet instead.

And my buddy, Ray, need to get a good and cheap soundcard as well, so I offered my 6 years old M-Audio Delta 66 series to him at the minimal cost and even come with Midisport man 2x2. It is because of that which does not allow me to use my MIDI! If not, I can save up instead of buying!

To be frank, it is still worthwhile buying the new soundcard as I needed the on-board volume control for both monitor speaker and headphone respectively. Furthermore, it come with built-in MIDI as well.
So I make a trip down to Team108 and visited Joel, the sales engineer. He is a truly friendly guy I ever met and being very patience to all my questions.

Since my PC do not come with Firewire port, I have to make a trip down to get this PCI Firewire card for my Saffire 24Pro

The box that containing Focusrite soundcard, which is a gift to me for our anniversary

Focusrite box in another box.

Beautiful box

The softwares...

Adapter, firewire cable and soundcard in plastic sheet

After removing the plastic sheet! Beauty huh?!

Till now, I am still unable to use this beast because there's an issue for Firewire card. It need me to use Firewire Legacy but after updating the hardware, it appear that it is up to date and no legacy option for me to select. That's one of my most headache issue now. Hoping Focusrite sales support can get back to me as soon as possible.

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