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Wednesday, January 13

On the move

I will combine the photo blog and personal to here instead than having it separate at Reason being, I want something less distracting and straightforward portfolio.

Do look out for the new look real soon. Thanks Scott from Arigin!

Dilemma over and I am back on track again! Great! I shall see how it goes and give more information anytime soon. Right now, let's dive into the stage of silence.

Siew Dai Siew Dai Siew Dai! I better watch the sugar level and everything is all on low sugar. Health is important and I am watching my diet really hard. Sad to say, yesterday I had some unhealthy food like cakes, curry puff and fishball! Ok... company celebrating Birthday and so... you know.

Ray is going to get my sound card and my Midiman, so I will be heading down to Team108 to collect the beast soon by this week which gonna cost me $553! Great on.. I need a PCI Firewire now! Ha!

No more wasting time now, I am going to do some simple production with my broken HD280 Pro Senn... I really need a Sony 7506!

Ho seh la! Huat la!

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