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Tuesday, January 19

Moving on

Not only my own gallery website is moving for a better place, I myself also!

I shall explain more later on as my eyes are half close while typing this.

My current Wordpress, will have a total change real soon. It look much neater and clean.
Niche is the word I can describe tho. Updating of the information happen real time and it is good to see the instant edited part than the usual edit, upload and wait. For this, woot! I love the instant feel and the overall design as well.

Thanks Scott for introducing me this great host! Yes, it is a server whereby I can upload my photos there, blog by per project and sad to say, no e-mail box. I will be using the GMail link up with my personal work e-mail which is better and easier to track of mails.

Right now, beside tidying up a lot of things are really a headache. No, Im not talking about just the personal and family alone, but work. More to mention on my later posting of blog.

Everyone have to move on and be positive if possible.

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