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Wednesday, January 20

Let me pen it down....

Having on leave for 2 days and not in front of computer seem to make me lost and out of touch to the world!

Simple, Monday is a window shopping day for us because of CNY is around the corner, thus we need new clothing from top to bottom! And on Tuesday, which is my wifey and I anniversary, but we went out with my grandma instead. She was so happy that someone bring her out and to places where she never been to and food that she didn't seen or ate before.

Anyway, that's how we spent our 2nd anniversary yesterday. Ha... So long everyone is happy, both my wife and I will be as well.

More update will be on my Ongies blog.

As I mentioned on moving on. Yes, I bet most of my close friends and lovely coll had knew recently that I decided to move on to another production house! It is a total change from my current job designation tho. Instead of doing just audio, I be doing more on both audio and video.

Typically speaking, doing just audio alone in Singapore will not bring you far, but video will, in some or rather a better choice if one's love A/V.

I am not trashing anything at all, but it depend on each individual thinking towards it. Doing something you hope for may not turn out something you wish at all. This is life.

For instance, I have my interns who love doing recording and such, but of course, I gave my genuine advises on these as well. Sometimes you just have to learn to do it and go by the flow. There are really too many studios out there.

Singapore a is a nice place to live in but expenses are horrifying high. To pursue your dream is never wrong, but to survive is another question mark in our mind. We are not born with silver spoon after all. Can I say that it is an art that we want to strive for?

Having working at Inflight Productions for nearly full 6 years, I began to 'wake up' and do something I should do. While I had planned to do so, opportunity knocked on my door as my buddy is leaving for another company, hence I will be taking over his position right after Chinese New Year. A brand new year with a good start.

I shall write my thoughts on IFP SIN on my last day. This is just to inform my fellow friends / coll that I had tendered last Friday and yes, my lovingly boss got a shocked when I passed the envelope to her. From her eyes, I see that she is very sad and during that time, she was holding on my letter tightly as if it will go crumple anytime.

Still, she gave her best wishes to me and there's no point holding me back since I had already decided. My OM was quite least surprised as she get used to people come and go. Sadness can be seen as well but not obvious. I am glad to receive lots of best wishes from everyone and they were happy that I am moving to another level.

The happy loud voice from me will soon disappear from 17th Feb onwards. The quietness in office will go extreme!

Yes, as like library tho.

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