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Thursday, January 21

Learning stage at new work place

Today, I went to my new working place to attend the training by my friend, whom will be leaving for another company. Yeah, you got it! I am taking over the position from him.

There are a lot of things that I have to absorb because it is a total new things for me. It is almost similar to my current company, but there are more steps to do it because of encoding, capturing, merging and getting time code. It is too technical for me to explain out tho. Did I mention that this is VIDEO? Ha!

I met most of the new coll already, they are quite fun and nice. Of course, as this is the initial meet up; as always, I tend to be very quiet. It take sometimes for the rest of the people to accept who I am!

From the computer screen, I can see that everyone as an adult know what they are doing, as long as they get the job done... No one care what you are doing at all.

Learning process is good but I guessed that the information must be store in my brain carefully. Jotting down on notebook is important because of configuration. This is the first time I get in touch with tapes, therefore there are lot of details that I have to take note of. Things like: title, format, resolution and timecode.

Damien told me that he had taught me on these basic steps and the rest will be slightly easier but a bit complicated. I have to go back at least 3 times to get the things learn. Next up is more on VOD and some other misc things. Hoping that I can deal with no issue on my first day of work on 17th Feb!

My mind is filled with all the information now, maybe I will get a nightmare tonight! Haha.

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CathiMazz3432423 said...

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