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Monday, January 4

I'm loving this book a... lot!

In fact, I really love to read but my speed on reading is extremely slow and my wife can testify that. I often ask her what's this word and the meaning? She will put on her best patience explaining it to me.

Of course, there's always a computer right in front of me.

I bought this book 1 week ago and of course I didn't took a week to finish it. I am proud to say that I finished this wonderful novel by my now favorite author, Mitch Albom, within 4 days! I am not trying to prove you that I can rush upon reading but the wonderful words been inked by him.

The book really touched me by all the beautiful moment and words. When I was at the first few pages, I wish I can faster finish the entire story, but, when I reached the last page, I wish there's more to read.

You should grab a copy and read it. No regrets.

After reading it, I began to look around carefully. Dad is getting old and he have some sorta hearing problem or rather to say, understand our talking. He often made mistake that we can laugh. I told my wife, I will be like that in 20 years time, so please have more patience, ok?

Everyone will grow old one day and this is the fact. No one can stay young forever, but if you are implying young at heart, yes I give that to you.

I always believe in karma. Maybe I watch too much of "My Name is Earl" Ha!
Be it good or bad, I always believe that. You will receive wonderful things when you done a good deeds and vice versa.

Let me share this video with you.

I have this stupid crazy idea in my mind always... Can I write a book as well?

This is a great 2010, so keep your faith! =)

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