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Wednesday, January 13

Hello there, A200!

Popcorn Hour has recently launch the latest robust look NMT once again! This time, even cheaper than C-200!

Having a good day scratching on head? Maybe you should more about the NetworkMedia Tank comparison first.

First of all, this media player allow you to play any media files (except rmvb) from your computer by using the network connection. Now, this is when NMT comes in. Personally, I am not a fan by playing the movie using streaming method. I will prefer the media to be in the HDD itself tho.

And that's when the player will recognise the sound source and pass the format to your amp. That's how you get your Dolby Digital, DTS HD / MA etc. Usually Amp is the one who do the processing, NMT is to get the source from the movie and pass to the hardworking one. See the courier service now?

All you need to connect the media player is just a HDMI cable. Of course, I am referring to good HDMI and not those half good type. There are a lot of brand for you to choose tho. Then, connect to amp, then HDMI out again to your TV. That's how you get your HD movies and enjoy the marvellous 5.1/ 7.1 on Pro Logic IIz, Dolby Digital, DTS etc... depending on your amp processor.

So, I should say, good bye C-200 and hello to A200? Anyway, it is almost like A110 tho... what's more to complain about it?

Read here for more information about A-200 that the forum members are discussing now.

Start selling on 18th Jan. Quick!

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