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Friday, January 1

Great 2010!

It is some kind of funny feeling but I can sense it is a great year this time! Do not ask me why but I can feel. I cannot even feel that it is 1st Jan on the brand new year, which could be the reason that I am busy with some stuff yesterday.

This time, I am going to add on shelves in the study room! So wifey and I went to Ikea to buy the rack! Luckily I remembered that using those hook on rack is better because height can be adjust easily and you can add on a lot of rack in near future. But sad to say that I have difficulties upon drilling the wall. It seem damn hard to drill in tho! All I can wait is for my relative to lend me a driller to get the job done asap.

At the same time, wifey saw a small TV cabinet and cost only $66! We bought the rack only as the adjustable leg is temporary out of stock. Anyway, it cost about $48. Shall head up to Alexandra Ikea tomorrow to find the leg. It is pretty funny that both of us were discussing about something at one area without realising I lost the paper I jot down! Luckily both of us remembered the rack no. to find! Wifey kept blaming me non stop. Ha...

Anyway, it is the type of cabinet that both of us had been finding non stop! Short in length and depth is what I wanted due to the room size. Now I am sure damn happy with the result! I shall take a photo real soon when everything is up.

I had not been blogging for a long time so spare me with all the crazy jumping here and there situation.

Finally, I had my car polished and thanks to Alan, Benny's ex assistant. He is a young chap, using duragloss product and polish your car using the machine. It is amazing that both he and the brother took the cab with the generator! Overall, I am satisfied with the look and the effort. Time to maintain it! Oh yea.. they use TrackClaw for polishing! The wet look is indeed terrific!

I also purchased Stick On pad for the car! Cheap and really good for putting your handphone and GPS system without using the holder!

More photoshoot will be coming up and I am feeling tied up now. But first of all, I must make sure I finish doing my house things. Like... reinstalling a new cable for my PC as it is too messy, rearranging the entire room to be neater because I just bought something real cool for the photoshoot.

I am planning for my baby shoot again and this time round, I must make sure it work! Model shoot coming up as well, great theme and it will be overwhelming! Ha!

The rest, I shall post with photos to blog more. Stay tune and good night on the 1st Jan!

Lost touch to my own blog as I am busy with the baby's one. Ha!

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