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Saturday, January 23

Been neat is great!

I love been neat and especially home and at work, I cannot stand untidiness at all. Hence, I decided to redo my cables as they are so awfully messy! I even bought a multi extension plug for all the socket head. I have a total of 9-10 sockets to plug in. After taking out the old extension cord, I replace the new old but not instantly.

I will clean the cable, wipe the table, making sure all the dust been wiped off first before laying of cables. A lot of people do not know the importance of cable management. It is not able been a neat freak but to make sure your cables are properly hook up. Do you want to lay the cables lying around and trip over it? Or you love cables running around and block most of your way when doing things? For me, it is no-no for sure.

Reckon that I should do a business on helping people to do cable management instead. Ha!

It is not just about crumple all the cables together and that's it. Audio, video and electrical are not allow to mix together due to EMI. Although you have a cable management to help you out, but you still need 3 of them to separate them out tho. If you are a pure Home Theater Enthu, you know my meaning, likewise for Audioholics. For computer wise, it can be tricky. First, get the table with cable management! So that you can lay your cables, electrical socket there without having so much worries. Of course, this is not 100% neat, all you need to do is to pull the cables from the socket and tie up with cable ties neatly. If possible, roll in circle shape, tie on both side in 180degree. This is to ensure that you are still protecting your cables. It can be shitty if one of them fail or hearing some irritating noise due to any reasons.

I have a weird habit. I just do not want to see any cables running around on my desk except USB cables. So I will put in extra effort coiling, pulling, stacking them properly to make sure they are in good condition if possible.

One of my hatred will be adapter! They are either at the middle of the cable, or at the head which is so big till I cannot plug them below the desk due to it's height. Learn to be easy, use the wall plug but run the cable nicely. Another one will the adapter in the middle of the cable, try to make it stand on it's width so that it can get more air and try to put the rest of the adapter apart. It is ok to have the cable near the adapter. That is if you have no space at all.

I should take a photo and showcase before and after!

Adios.. good night Saturday!

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