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Friday, December 4

Think about Mod.. you sure?

Modding is not really illegal because you mess around with the software and its component. It is illegal when you use the freedom software.

Think about it if you are not a Tech Savvy personnel or I should say absolutely no time at all!

When white console had been launched, everyone are overwhelming over the new product and games. As the games are getting more and more expensive, one will rather go for the freedom package instead. This is not the end after all because it is never the same as like in the past if you notice properly.

In the past, you load the disc and play, what is firmware back then? Now with the internet and tonnes of freedom package around... needless to say much.

Here, we are talking about firmware on these consoles. For an example, White Console had the firmware of 1.0 and it had been successfully allowing the genius to play the freedom package. When the developers know about the situation, they input new firmware, say 1.02 in the game, and you must no matter what update it. If not, either just give up the new games or the freedom package you had on hand.

There, the genius side...

Successfully within weeks, they discover a breakthrough to play version 1.02 game. It is a bypass program that you must install in your system. Before doing that, you must install console firmware, the brew channel firmware and the 3rd firmware to enable it to read.

By doing that so, you can again enjoy the games! But... hang on!

Developers again release a new firmware of 1.3 which prevent lots of games not playable unless you update it. So you are back to square one.

Wait or give it up.

If you wait, it will be weeks or months. If you give it up, start buying your games. Simple as that.

Now, after 2 months passed and they launched a new firmware and loader! What is it? Incredible like you never seen before? Well it is not... because, it look like the famous handheld game console that almost everyone is holding on now.

There, you can see images and select the games you want to play. It work the same anyway, but you got to spend your time and effort on doing all these. If you are fast... within a day! If not, spend nearly a month to know it inside out. But sorry, not all are playable because you got to updates constantly, trial and error to test if the games are workable on these loaders.

All in all as you can see from above. How many percents did you actually play the games? I bet most of the times are spending in forum and figuring how to make it work! Yea, as I said, if you are tech savvy, good for you (I would like to say... not all will understand within a day. You must read on to fully understand how it works). But if you are not, go original!

It is tiring to go back and check what's going on, then get stuck on the game you wanted to play. Furthermore, there are games shop allow you to do trade-in so that you will not stuck with the game after completing it.

Your choice is in your palm.

Remember, although you can find the genius to help you by paying, but it is never ending. Firmware is the one that will make you headache totally.

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