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Thursday, December 3

More on Windows 7

Crash situation

Although it crash on me approximately 7 times, that does not stop me from loving Windows 7 still.

While updating languages from Microsoft with my ext HDD on, it crashed. Having my updating installation running while I continue to use, it still happened. I stop using the computer and leave it as it is, appear fine to me. After a while, error code seen.

Look like the files are too big tho. Anyway, the languages are not that important after all, it just allow you to change the entire Windows 7 Ultimate OS to that specific language you chosen. I did verifier method and force it to crash, but it never happen at all. Weird huh.

Windows Media Center

No doubt it is one of the greatest moment for most people who love to watch TV/ Movies, but sadly to say, it does not benefit to us (region) at all. Live with it then.


Now you turn on your Windows 7 and it seem like you missed something out from Vista! Ha! It will be the clock and calendar if I am not wrong.
Go to Rainlender and download it.

And if you like something niche, like cool timing with temperature etc... Maybe you should consider this Rainmeter! Click on it and view the photo.

That's not all at all.

If you like more cool icons on your Windows 7... Visit here
How about more cool themes? Visit here

Enjoy your Windows 7!
I will be testing the Back Up and Restore when I am free to clear up all my doubts.
It is also good to create an image backup of your system as well. If I am not wrong, having the image created, I can use that to restore back without going through all the long installation stage.

And if you are a OEM user, do have a good habit by creating recovery disc. (Same goes for retail disc) As I read on forum, they suggested this is because of disc error in long run. So, there's no need to panick if you cannot install your Windows.


It is weird to have this problem when you are already an Admin in Windows but it still prompt you to login as Admin for permission.
I searched around and everyone seem to have this issue after all. Fret not, if this occur you. There's a simpler way to do but not 100%.

Right click and select Run As Administrator.

If it failed, go here to install the short cut.
Right click and select Take Ownership.

Again, if it failed... Go to Windows and type lusrmgr.msc, click on Administrator and right click for properties.
De-select Admin disable.

Reboot and login as Admin to carry on your installation.

I also faced 1 issue that my HDD been partitioned in 2 drives, and 1 of them is not accessible at all. It is only accessible when I login as Administrator.
I even had all the permission ticked and did all the necessary thing as taught by Microsoft Answers and Seven Forum, but invalid. The only choice is to back up the entire drive, login back to User/Admin account and format the drive, then transfer back. Works anyway.

Please remember to Disable the account of Admin after you done it. If not, you are not able to login to your Windows because of choosing which user to proceed.

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