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Wednesday, December 9

Lovely Heatsink

Finally I made up my mind to get this beast as I want my processor to be cooler. At the same time, the fan is generating lots of noise when I am doing work.

This Thermal Right Extreme 120 cost me $99 from Cybermind, Sim Lim Square. I also gotten a 120mm blue led fan as well. This is to attach to the heat sink.

Thermal Right Extreme 120 with a 12" fan

Stripping of the entire parts from the box

Since the manual is drawn out, I shall take a photo of it. This is how it look like for the initial stage.

Rubber sticker line pasting at the heat sink. Take note that the rubber must be at the edge of the steps where the fan will rest on it.

Clipping of the fan. That's how you do it. Make sure the sharp bend rest on the fan hole. You have to use a little bit of strength to pull the metal up.

Closer look.


Mount it. Remember to place the plate below of the motherboard for tightening

There you go!

Now I am enjoying the silent moment! I shall buy 1 more 120mm fan to change the old one off because of more rpm.

It may look heavy but it is not. You just need to be careful of yourself as it is quite sharp.
I shall look around for another clip so that I can put addition fan on the Heatsink as what the manual said so.

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