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Wednesday, December 23

Great.... itchy hand!

Due to my itchy finger, I bought the nice and great apps from iTune store today!

Wondering what is it? Yah... it is Great Camera apps for iPhone!
To think I not having an iPhone had the apps in my PC! Argh.. how funny it can be huh.

I was searching for apps to download and well, I got link to iTune Store and found the apps. Therefore, I signed in and try to see what it will happen after clicking BUY NOW and so, I did! Damn it. $3 charged to my CC account and commence downloading. Oh well, though it is just S$3, I am grumbling that I do not have the phone. That's what I call, been too nice till I am charged for nuts. Ha!

Anyway, treat that as X'mas pressie to my coll. Of course, she is overwhelmed and hope she enjoy the apps now.

I thought that iTunes will prompt me a window that do I want to continue? Furthermore, I forgotten I had the information key in long ago. Oh dear... how can I be so silly huh? But of course, those using now will love it a lot. Some funny people did not get my question right and blame me for logging in to iTunes and bought the apps by accident.

When I mentioned try, I do not mean TRIAL! For Dua Ah Pek sake, I know there's no trial for this apps tho... I'm just trying to see what will happen next after clicking Buy Now.

Luckily it is S$3 and not S$30! Ha!

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