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Thursday, December 10

Congrats Damien (Jian Yi)

Blissful to you and your wife, dear friend!!!

Congrats to you once again.

Jian Yi (Damien) is my ex Sec Sch mate in Jurongville Sec Sch since it first started. If I remember correctly, we are in the same class for 5 years! I reckon tho...

Of course, there are a lot of funny things going on during that period of time but it is not nice to jot it down here. Remember in heart will do. *laff*

Somehow, it is nice and great to meet up my old pals that night. We joked and chat as like before and it had been more than a decade since I last met them up and it is fun chatting with them. To think I feel like skipping this dinner because I am dead tired! But it all worth it tho.

Cheers to my lovely ex sch mates! There are also another group of ex students at the other table as well but they are more of hi and bye type so I didn't really catch up with them.

Preparing to take a group shot of the class 4N3.. Joey son is in charge of photo taking.. thats why we have to look down.. but he snapped non stop!

Ok.. at least something better

Cheers... I miss this group of classmate!

From left:
Me, Chew Li, Hui Yi, Evelyn Goh, Ervina Chan, Joey Tan, Albert Toh, Xieguang
Mr Raja, Mr Mooi, Yu Qiang

Of course I did not forget them (below)! They are my teachers and mentor back then and to think Jian Yi are able to invite them to his dinner! Kudos! It had been a long time since I last met them when I leave the school.

Of course, there are other ex students wanted to take photos with them as well (From other classes). Not bad!

Mr Raja (my history teacher, NCC Officer and Discipline Master) and Mr Mooi (Math and Physic)

I miss them! =)

There you go.. Joey son in front of the photo

All grooms have to go through this! Wine + Beer + Hard Liquor + Pepper + Chilli + Vinegar etc...

Tekan session for Jian Yi

Suppose to give him but end up.. we change it something high for him
(the disgusting look is actually cereal)

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