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Friday, December 11

As I chant... BSOD!

What does B S O D stand for?

Blue Screen Of Death!

That is my greatest fear now as I kept having BSOD 4 times in a row when doing something on computer. e.g. transferring of files, surfing net, MSN, checking emails ...

That's the reason why I am so pissed of!

But at the same time, I would like to thank Torrentg from Seven Forums for helping me so much. With his patience, he helped me rectify the issue for days and finally we know what caused the BSOD!

In short to say, one of the drivers are just not compatible and they are fighting within each other thus.. that happen. I am still thinking if I should install my Wacom Graphire3 driver back as the error given consists of Wacom name as well.

Knowing that cannot be the main reason, I then load the file to Jotti for a scan check on adfs.sys. I as told to change adfs.sys to adfs.bak and test it out but it still fail!

And the final conclusion.... remove my ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and alas! No more BSOD! After doing a check on forum, there are quite a number having some issue with ZA and they just do not like it at all. I hope my coll can use ZA smoothly on her new Win 7 Home Premium.

As for now, I shall rely everything on Microsoft Firewall, Microsoft Security Essential and Malwarebytes. There are a lot of good comments, so why not?

If anything arise, I shall go for Eset Smart Security System4.

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