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Sunday, November 29

Windows 7 is damn pretty!

Finally get it kicking and everything is damn smooth except for the initial stage as I have no idea what is going on.

I am now on 64 bit Window Ultimate and most of the programs work for me except M-Audio Midispot 2x2. I shall e-mail them about this question in my mind.
Thanks to Google, the friendly search engine that helped me out on lots of doubt. I full understand how to get it start. In total, I did 3 times of installation due to certain reason of why and how. Fret not, everything is on track!

Need more information on Windows?
Visit Seven Forums, MSFN, HardwareZone, VRZone.

Currently, I left with music production programs and Office to be install. Other than that, I am overwhelming about this new OS platform. It worth so much to get it as well.

I never knew that setting up is so simple as compared to the past. Everything is straightforward to me when I started the installing. Interface is great and easy to navigate. Too engross with the new Win7 now!

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