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Thursday, November 26

Head up to Boleh!

After mom took the blood test in NUH, both wifey and I decided to go in JB for a while to run some errands.

Entering during weekday is a good idea because there's no rushing and pushing. Just to be frank, this is the 2nd time I enter JB by bus. The very first time was years ago with my Sec Sch pals. I do not go in unless necessary. Partly I am not familiar with the places tho.

Wifey and I at Vivo makan place in City Square, JB

Eating food. (Nice action I used on it)

Want some garlic bread?

Bluish Xmas snow man

Going back to Singapore, I saw this nice light shining on the sea

I love the reflection of the calm sea but the bus is too fast for me

Finally a decent to capture this

Bye JB, I'll be back

Well, I forgotten to take the food when it arrived. Ha!

So, why do I went in JB for?
Here's the answer

Bought these WIndow 7 from JB. Ultimate and Home Premium Retail Boxset

Usage for S.E.A. Safe to use in Singapore as well.

Lovely wording!

RM769 Window 7 Ultimate!

Out from the box

The inner look. 2 x DVD 32bit and 64bit! Great!

See that? 2 of it. Not to worry if you want to switch it next time.

Just in case you are wondering why why and still why.
Read the forum here for cheapest Window 7.

Do not worry because as stated, it is distributed for S.E.A. only. In a way, the retail box in JB match the OEM one in Singapore. So, which would you choose?

Retail allow you to have both 32bit and 64bit, whereas OEM only allow you to have 1 of them.

Here's the price list I noted down at the shop in City Square.

Window 7
Home Premium: 
399 (OEM), 499 (Retail)

515 (OEM), - (Retail)

699 (OEM), 769 (Retail)

Note that it is in RM!!!

There's no need for me to put in the local price. You make the judge for same the product but different prices in 2 places.

I shall install the Window 7 Ultimate x64 once I'm free. =)
Anticipate for the new look showing right before my screen!

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